Areas of work

A synopsis of my areas of expertise

Areas of Work

Innovation and Creativity

As a practicing artist within photography and conceptual art, Harminder can bring methodologies that enable deeper sensing of the context in order to innovate at the level of the product and processes. The work raises to the surface the creativity in all of us, so that you and the people in your organisation can raise the level of innovation.

Conflict Management & Team building

Harminder has helped teams from senior management to operations and within teams and individuals. The approach is to align with how the team sees itself and to deal with the underlying team issues in a practical way - to produce concrete actions which resolve conflict and provide a base for team development.


At both individual and group level a number of training modules are available which are customised to what is happening in your situation. Such training typically leads to change and can be integrated into managing change in the workplace.

Exploring Strategy

Strategy often requires an outsider’s view to define the problems and challenges you are facing - working with management.


Diversity in the workplace is recognised as a source of creativity and competitive advantage and Harminder can help companies develop their policies and practice.

A flash or crisis situation can be turned around through independent scrutiny, which may include looking at processes, procedures and policies

Change through Enquiry & Evaluation

Harminder helps define the problems, provide intervention, guidance and practical recommendations that lead to practical solutions.

The key approach is to produce a space that allows for change which recognises the concerns of stakeholders (and incorporate those that make the change even more effective) – this produces change which sticks and is long lasting.

Typically, solutions have started before the end of the consultancy and you will be in a position to execute further changes themselves.